Sunday, 9 January 2011

Vintage Clocks




Here is a selection of my favourite kitsch clocks. From wall clocks to wind ups, I love them and I find collecting them addictive.
I don't really collect a certain make but have a fondness for the cheap clocks from China.
Many of them are thrifted from car boot sales and charity shops but ebay is my main source.


  1. Great collection!
    I must upload all mine together like this - they make such a cool set.

  2. Ah thank you!
    There's a few more I wanted to include but my camera's playing up!

  3. Oh, I need to get a vinatge starburst clock !!! My Habitat version isn't really cutting it, even if I got on sale...

  4. wonderful vintage blog,love the clocks

  5. Fat Cat I think newgate clocks do some starburt styles, but you may get a better one on ebay!
    You've reminded me to pay a visit to habitat, thank you.

    Kay thank you very much!