Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Wild White Horse's


                                                          Being as this is a new blog about my love for vintage, I thought my first post should be about my love for mass market art, I've been collecting for years and have hundreds of prints!
From Lynch's dusky maidens to Lee's freaky big eyed children, just can't seem to get enough.
And here is 3 prints that inspired me to do this blog!


  1. I am so happy you have a blog, and I am really excited to see more of your amazing things!

  2. Oh I'm very pleased, We started to do one last year but never really stuck with it.
    so I thought I'd do a new one for the new year and make more of an effort blogging.

  3. You must have really liked the river horses scene in the lords of the rings ;-)

  4. Do you know I've never seen those films,
    I think i'll try and watch them now!