Sunday, 20 February 2011


Whilst on my travels yesterday I popped into a Charity shop I've not been in for ages,
It's the kind that is super for a good rummage, you know the sort that stinks of manky old clothes and milky tea breathed old dears!
Reason for nipping in was to have a last little look before they plonk a great big dirty fat super sized Morrison's supermarket there!
which is very sad, I wont go into a rant!
Anyway I saw this lovely set of Hornsea items, all in super condition and they only wanted £5 for the whole set which is a total bargain. I could not get my money out quick enough, before nearly snatching the old lady's arm from her socket!
Really do feel like I had just robbed her.


  1. Hey I just found your blog through your house tour and I have to say your taste is spotless and I've really enjoyed looking at your house! I will be following you :)

  2. Hey thanks very much, that means alot x

  3. me too , I love your home
    vintage heaven

  4. I love the Hornsea print! Amazing find :) I also found you from the house tour- completely in love with your dreamy kitsch apartment!

    I'll be following along with your thrifty adventures from here on out!

  5. Thank you guys,
    means alot thanks xxx