Wednesday, 9 March 2011


One thing I love about vintage children's books are the super illustrations!
They really do take me back to a time of innocence,
And this gem did when I found it on ebay for 50p!
I came across when I was on the hunt for ladybird books!


  1. Hi Steven and Dawn

    Glad your'e back!

    I have just stumbled accross your house tour on Danielle Thompson's blog. Oh boy! It is wonderful! I am so envious of all the amazing things you have collected and the way you have put them together...
    Great to see the still from A Clockwork Orange- that purple wall and Lynch print has made my husband feel ok about drilling a hole in our wallpaper to hang my Trechikoff (we'd already done it but you know what I mean...)Have a look at yesterday's post.
    I could go on and on about your house but I'd better stop gushing!

  2. Hey thank you very much,
    Very kind of you.
    I could go on about your house too, you have lots of super goodies,
    yeh the Clockwork Orange still is great for inspiration!
    To be honest that was why I only watched that film years ago to see the lynch's on the walls,(quite geeky of us) but it ended up being one of my favorite films of all time,
    Thanks again
    Steven & Dawn

  3. Hi again Steven and Dawn, just a courtesy call to let you know that I mentioned your gorg house, blog and flickr pics on my blog today.
    I hope this is ok with you...let me know and I'll remove if you want x

    ps I've emailed Danielle about this too

  4. Thank you very much,
    Very kind of you,
    Will check it out straight away!
    Thank again