Sunday, 17 April 2011

Recent vintage finds

Last weekend was such a beautiful one, I could not resist talking a picture of this view
on the way to the charity shop.

We have been after a lamp base for ages and never seem to find the right one, or one at a reasonable cost and we spotted this one in a charity shop for £9.00!
Not having a suitable shade we found this at British Home Stores,
But think we will have one specially made by a company we found on the Internet.

I do love a rummage through the vinyl section and the kind shop lady let us pick an
 extra record for free! So Dawn chose Madonna's Immaculate Collection!

The trays were another find not like we need anymore.

A super little dish, I remember my Mum having this in pink on her bedroom window sill.

This was an ebay find, I love the shape of the handles.

We found these at the carboot, they were made by an elderly lady and were £2.50 each
which I though was a great price as the sort of thing has become quite vogue.

I never say no to a sherry, especially a set of 60s glasses.

I'd seen this book in the charity for ages,
and decide to buy it as it only cost coppers and has so much general knowledge it's untrue.

This should help me not to kill my house plants again!

We really love Vernon ward prints and saw this pair at the Antiques Centre!
I always think they look super hung in a bathroom!


  1. Wow! What wonderful finds...I love them all.
    (my husband bought the Australian version of the Chronicle book from an op-shop last week)

  2. Thank you.
    No way! Can't beileve how heavy the books is!

  3. I love that lamp and crocheted pillows. So chic! Hmmm..Maybe I should ask my gram to teach me to crochet