Sunday, 3 April 2011

This weeks vintage finds!

First of all was these two super 1960s Japanese pose dolls, they are in super condition too!
I saw them standing on the top shelf waiting for me, and I just literally ran over and snatched them!

Next was these lovely glasses only £2.50 and I could not pass them up, not like I need anymore!
But i thought the design was excellent, never seen the print before.

A rather handsome piece of glassware of a solider/nutcracker.
Made in Germany.

A Finger Vase!

A C.Eward's tea tray with Bakelite ball feet.

A 1970s Calendar with some super images of some well known mass market artists.
Which I may do a seperate post about.

This rather charming print for £2.00, it's a little earlier then I usually go for, but could not pass it up so it came home with us!

And last but not least my rummaging through the the vinyl found some wonderful records, not bad for £1 each!


  1. Love the Japanese dollies...I would've grabbed them quickly too.
    The design on the glasses is neat and I've never seen anything like that glass nutcracker before.
    Actually all of your new finds are great.

    p.s. I love singing 24 Hours From Tulsa really loudly...It's such a full-on song! God Gene Pitney looks so baby-faced on that album cover...

  2. Thank you,
    Haha, it's a great song to sing too!
    I can only remember Gene Pitney when he did that duet with Marc Almond,
    Then when I saw this album cover, could believe how young he looked.